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31 October, 2014 The Forestry Bill, 2013 has been enacted and is now the Forestry Act, 2014.  The Minister has powers to make regulations in relation to various forestry matters.

23 June, 2014 - ORANGE Fire Alert issued by Forest Service. Download here.

30 April, 2014 - thank you to our many customers who have renewed cover and to all a safe year!

5 March 2014 - We expect to commence renewals notices next week.  Now is a good time to review your cover.

4 March 2014 - Minister Tom Hayes issues a statement regarding the recent storm and forest windblow. It can be downloaded here.

3 March 2014 - Forest Service issues Guidance for Forest Owners with windblow.  It can be downloaded here.

27 February 2014 A seminar on wildfires and forest fires was opened in Laois County Council Buildings, Portlaoise, Co. Laois by Minister Tom Hayes. The seminar, hosted by Laois County Council in conjunction with the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, addressed the issues of wildfires and forest fires in the Irish countryside, which pose a very real threat over the coming weeks and months. A Press Release from the Minister can be viewed here.

21 February 2014 - Minister Tom Hayes establishes a Windblow Taskforce which includes forest owner organisations.

13 February 2014 - Storm Darwin has record wind speeds and causes serious property damage especially in the Mid West and South of the country over about two hours on the afternoon of 12 February. Thankfully there are no serious injuries or loss of life.

Forestry in the area does not escape and many mid rotation crops are damaged. Clients in the impacted area are advised to have their older forest properties checked as soon as possible, taking no unnecessary risks in the process. Any obvious damage should be reported to WoodlandCover 091 562016 or insurance@forsure.ie even if you do not have windblow cover.

April 2013 - There have been gorse fires this Easter weekend. All responsible people should report fires immediately to the Gardai and Fire services as weel as gving as much information as possible on the source.

March 2013 - Forest Service issued a high alert warning.

March 2013 - Our fire and storm scheme will be underwritten by RSA from 1 April, 2013.

October 2012 - We have had enquiries about pest and disease insurance; unfortunately cover is not available anywhere in the market.

Autumn 2012 -we are working to further improve our systems to give you an even better service.

March 2012 - we are now on Twitter

February 2012 - IFFPA (IBEC) hosted a well attended stakeholder event regarding land and forest fires on 10 February at which Minister McEntee launched the Prescribed Burning Code to be used by farmers and landowners when burning land.  The Code and a synopsis are available in our Downloads section.

October 2011 - Forest Service issues Circular on Procedures for reporting fire damage and issues that arise.

The Circular can be downloaded here.

31 May 2011 - Minister of State McEntee warns rural dwellers to remain vigilant over June bank holiday weekend

Following on from the extensive damage caused by land and forest fires during the May bank holiday weekend, Shane McEntee TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for forestry has warned that "the threat of further acts of illegal land burning is a cause of concern as we approach the June bank holiday. Thousands of acres of land were affected by irresponsible acts of illegal scrub clearing and vandalism at the beginning of May, which caused millions of euro of damage to forests and other property and threatened the lives and livelihoods of many. The extent of loss to wildlife and biodiversity remains incalculable."

4 May 2011 - Minister of State McEntee appalled at fire damage over 'worst weekend in the history of Irish forestry'

Only two weeks after issuing a stark warning regarding the dangers of illegal burning of agricultural land, Shane McEntee TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for forestry has stated "I am absolutely appalled at the flagrant disregard for the law, property and people's lives due to the irresponsible and criminal behaviour of a small minority who continue to set land fires around the country. The setting of fires for any purpose is highly irresponsible given the current dry and windy climatic conditions."

19 April 2011 - Minister of State McEntee reminds farmers and landowners of the continued risk of forest fires

Remarking on the recent spate of forest fires, Shane McEntee TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for forestry stated "Setting fire to growing vegetation at this time of year is not only an extremely dangerous practice, it is also illegal. The dry spell of weather currently being experienced in parts of the country, and over recent weeks, has significantly increased the risk of forest fires and the consequential risks to the lives of rural dwellers, their property, and their livelihoods. Met Eireann has confirmed that weather conditions conducive to the rapid spread of wildfires will apply throughout the country for the next week. Last year, thousands of acres of valuable forestry was lost due to illegal and careless land burning, while the extent of the destruction of wildlife and natural habitats remains incalculable."


26 April 2010 - New Minister warns of forest fire danger

Minister of State Sean Connick, with responsibility for forestry has expressed his concern at the risks to lives and jobs caused by the recent spate of forest fires. 
The Minister has issued advice to landowners on how to protect from the dangers of forest fires. 
He said fires should not be lit in or near woodland, fire breaks surrounding plantations should be inspected annually prior to the fire season, owners should insure their crops, and fire plans for plantations should include a map showing access and assembly points for fire-fighting personnel, equipment and potential sources of water. 
The Minister also said cooperation between neighbouring landowners is vital to successful fire prevention and he said forest owners should be particularly vigilant following prolonged dry spells. 
He also said if a plantation is destroyed or damaged by fire, the incident should be reported to the nearest garda station and to the Forest Service. 
24 April 2010 - Fire services counting the cost of forest fires 
The Irish Independent    reported that fire services estimate that the total cost of fighting the recent spate of forest fires could be as high as €1 million. This is in addition to the cost of repairing the damage caused to forestry by the fire, which is also estimated to be in the region of €1 million. 
Kerry Chief Fire Officer Vincent Hussey said there is a 'moral obligation' on people setting gorse fires to immediately stop and behave responsibly. 
"The fight to contain fires is draining resources and taking from the service's normal responsibility to attend house fires and road accidents," said Mr Hussey. 
24 April 2010 - €1 million damage caused by forest fires this week  
The Irish Times reported (subscription required) that Coillte has called the current outbreak of gorse, bog and forest fires the 'worst' in years. Coillte estimate that it will cost around €1 million to repair the damage done to 220 hectares of forestry in Oughterard, Clifden and Letterfrack this week. 
This year has been particularly bad for forest fires, with more damage done to date than would typically be seen in an entire year. 
A Coillte spokesman reminded landowners that it is illegal to set fires between March 1st and August 31st under the Wildlife Act and appealed to landowners not to burn off heather to prepare land for grazing. 
It is not only forestry that is at risk from grazing fires. Five families had to be evacuated from their homes due to concerns about the spread of fire. 
22 April 2010 - Helicopter called out to fight forest fires 
The Irish Times reported (subscription required) that a helicopter was last night called out to assist in fighting a forest fire in Connemara. Gorse fires threatened a large Coillte plantation in Co. Galway. Despite the efforts of Coillte staff, locals and the helicopter, extensive damage was caused to the site. 
19 April 2010 - Gardaí investigating cause of forest fires in Co. Clare 
The Irish Times reported (subscription required) on a number of forest fires in Clare this week. In one incident, up to 40 fire fighters were needed to fight a forest fire that destroyed 150 acres of mature forest. 
Fire officers and Coillte officials believe that the fires were set deliberately. 
One Coillte worker said: “It is very hard to say but some of these fires are suspicious. I believe some have been started deliberately and if that is the case, these people don’t know the damage they have caused and the lives they have endangered.” 
19 March 2010 - Renewal notices are being sent out from today 
WoodlandCover will be sending out renewal notices from today. 
15 March 2010 - Minister warns about risk of forest fires 
Tony Killeen TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food with responsibility for forestry, today warned forest owners about the risk of forest fires. Advising that the highest risk period occurs between February and June, when ground vegetation is dead and dry following winter, Minister of State Killeen added, "I would like to remind landowners of the greater danger of fire this year due to vegetation conditions following the hard winter. For this reason, landowners need to be particularly vigilant." 
The press release issued by Minister Killeen recommended a number of steps that should be taken by forest owners including: 
INSURE YOUR CROP. All forest crops should be insured against losses by fire, which is one of the risks for which cover is available commercially. Forest owners are reminded that, with effect from 1st June 2009, the Reconstitution Scheme, administered by the Department, does not cover any fire or wind damage occurring after that date. 
The full press release can be seen at Minister's Press Release and includes valuable advice for forest owners and managers. 
 12 March 2010 - Forest fires in Kerry, Cork and Clare and elsewhere 

Unfortunately the very recent dry spell, coupled in some cases with what is almost certainly illegal burning of vegetation on farmland has led to a number of forest fires around the country. 

20 November 2009 - IFA Warning on Reconstitution Cover 
The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) has    advised farmers that the Forest Service Reconstitution Scheme no longer covers wind damaged forests following budget cuts. Farmers are now liable to cover the replanting costs if their forest is damaged during a winter storm. 
Winter gales combined with increase rainfall such as we have experienced this year can increase the instability in at risk forests”,stated Mr. Pat Hennessy, IFA Farm Forestry Chairperson. “Farmers need to assess the risk to their forests and if necessary protect their investment by insuring their crop.” 
WoodlandCover offers fire and windthrow cover, with no age limit up to normal clearfell age. Contact us by phone at 091 562016 for details, or email us. 
1 June 2009 - Reconstitution Grants No Longer Available For Fire and Wind Damage 
The Department of Agriculture has confirmed that Reconstitution Grants will no longer be available for fire and wind damage. They recommend that forest owners should insure their plantations against the risk from wind and fire damage. The full text of their special notice can be seen  here. 
26 March 2009 - Teagasc: Forestry Insurance is Essential to Protect Your Forest Investment  

The following is an extract from a Teagasc press release dated 26 March 2009:

 With up to 1,000 hectares of forests lost in some years due to fire it is essential that all productive forests are insured against loss of timber value and to cover the replanting obligation. This is especially important with the imminent changes to the Reconstitution of Woodlands Scheme: damage by fire will not be eligible for grant aid any more.


18 March 2009 - Forest Fire in Clare

Fire Services from Clare and Galway spent over four hours last night battling a forest fire in the north of the county.  The alarm was raised around 6 o'clock yesterday evening in Derrycalliff, Ballinruan.  The gorse fire quickly spread to the forest due to strong winds. The fire began in the scrub of Derrycalliff, Ballinruan near Crusheen yesterday evening around 6 o'clock. The fire service from Gort attended the scene along with two units from Ennis Fire Service, one unit from Scariff and a water tanker from Scariff. Coillte staff also joined the emergency services trying to battle the blaze which quickly spread from a gorse fire to the forest due to strong winds. The fire was finally brought under control around 11 o'clock last night. Local roads in the area were closed for a number of hours to allow for the emergency services to have unhindered access to the scene. 
18 March 2009 - Forest Service Announce Restructuring of Reconstitution Grants  
Forest Service has just announced a restructuring of Reconstitution Grants, such grants will not be available in respect of Reconstitution rising from damage by fire or wind after 1 June. 
Forest Service have confirmed that this does not change the obligation to maintain the plantations in good order and that in the event of damage by fire which is not reconstituted the owner will have an obligation to repay grants and premium as well as being at risk of the loss of further premium. 
See the full WoodlandCover press release here. 



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