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 Planting or own a woodland? For forestry insurance call Niamh 9 to 5 Monday to Friday 091 562016.

Frequently Asked Questions

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+ May I join at any time?
+ How should I value my woodland or forest for insurance cover?
+ The suggested value seems low?
+ Do I need Reconstitution Cover?
+ Can I have Reconstitution Cover only?
+ Do I need windcover?
+ Can I have just windcover (without fire cover)?
+ I have Public Liability already. Should I take it on your policy?
+ Do I need to insure the land value?
+ Do I need to insure for loss of premium?
+ I have heard about diseases affecting Japanese Larch and Ash. Can I insure against these?
Do you have a query that isn't answered here? e-mail your question. 
These guidance notes are given in good faith and are general in nature. 
Each owner should make appropriate enquiries with their forester, forest manager or advisor as to the appropriate action.
WoodlandCover does not advise on the specific needs of an individual owner or property - your professional forester / forest advisor should be consulted as appropriate.
We will, of course, be happy to assist if at all possible.

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