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Forest Fire Prevention

Fire poses one of the biggest risks to your forestry asset. Up to 1,000 hectares of forestry are damaged by fire every year in Ireland. It is important to insure your woodland against damage caused by fire.

It is important that you put in place adequate protection measures against fire to protect your asset.   Indeed it could be essential to obtaining insurance cover.   

This section provides some information on what you can do to protect your investment by putting in place protection and prevention measures against fire.  See our page on Grazing Fires and Forestry.

Firebreaks create an important safety barrier between your forestry asset and other properties. This can prevent the spread of fire. This is especially important if your forest is in an area where land fires occur.

Advance planning can ensure that you or your forest manager can respond quickly to any threat of fire to your forestry investment. We recommend that a fire plan should be developed for all plantations - a template can be downloaded by clicking on Fire Plan - Template -the template is just for guidance and should be adapted as appropriate for your woodland. A good fire plan map is essential and, of course, it should be readily available to all who may have to respond to a fire. A Fire Plan is especially important for large plantations.

Putting in place proper fire protection and prevention measures can help to minimise the risk of fire damage to your forestry; however no measures can provide total protection against the risk of fire damage to your forestry investment. So you should have adequate insurance cover for you needs. Click here to download our Proposal form and take the first step in protecting your investment today.

DISCLAIMER: WoodlandCover provides this information for guidance only. It is the responsibility of the owner or forest manager to ensure that adequate fire prevention measures are taken and reviewed regularly.


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