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Fire Plans


A fire plan is an essential part of protecting your forestry investment from fire.

Your fire plan should include contact details for your local fire brigade and garda stations, local forest managers and any neighbours who may potentially be affected by your fire as well as contact details for contractors who might need to be called in.

It is recommended that large plantations (over 60ha) should have a reservoir containing at least 5,000 gallons of water available in case of fire. This reservoir should be fully operational when there is a risk of fire. You should ensure that the fire brigade are informed of the location of the reservoir and that it is easily accessible to their vehicles. It is also important that the reservoir is adequately fenced.

Review your fire plan every year as part of your annual forestry review and updated where necessary. Your Forest Manager can guide you on this.

A Fire Plan template is available for download here

DISCLAIMER: WoodlandCover provides this information for guidance only. It is the responsibility of the owner or forest manager to ensure that adequate fire plans are prepared and reviewed regularly and in accordance with current best practice. 


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